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Welcome to Alaric's website.  Alaric Cabiling lives and writes in Richmond, VA.  He is a staff writer for Cvlt Nation, Echoes & Dust, Nine Circles, and Metal Recusants.  In March of 2015, he released his debut work of fiction entitled Insanity by Increments to critical acclaim. In March of 2016, he released his follow-up, another collection of stories entitled Redefining Darkness.  For reviews, excerpts, and interviews, check out his blogs below:

Insanity By Increments Blog

Redefining Darkness Blog​​

Recent Works:

Welcome to Alaric's Website!



2009, The Darkest Day

2015, Insanity By Increments

​2016, Redefining Darkness

2017, The Claws of Perdition